RS04 ( κ, Ʈ )

* Gamma Detector
* measuring radioactivity of the gamma radiation
* 10 nSv/h ~ 10 Sv/h
* rain sensor (optional)
* directly connected to an Ethernet


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ǰ RS04 ɿ ʽÿ.


RS04 is designed for measuring radioactivity of the gamma radiation.

It is calibrated in "ambient dose equivalent" units [H*(10)] and its measuring range comprises 9 decades (10 nSv/h ~ 10 Sv/h).

This wide measuring range permits detecting minor changes in the ambient natural radioactivity

as well as measuring high dosage rates.

Optionally all types of RS04 gammameter are available with rain sensor.

The RS04-/WEB can be directly connected to an Ethernet network and is supplied by power over Ethernet (PoE).

 This robust and unique detector lends itself to an extensive range of possible utilizations;

sensor in monitoring network for early warning system covering a wide area,

hospital surveillance at radiation therapy wards,

measuring unit in scientific institutions and development centres,

supervision unit at borders, airports, railway stations and in aircrafts, etc.,

control unit in municipal sector mainly for the instant check of accidental radiation, generated by nuclear industry

 (nuclear power plants, storage of fusion able material and truck/train transportation of such materials),

measuring unit in private sector, especially for owners of fallout shelters.




Measuring range

10 nSv/h 10 Sv/h

10 nSv/h 15 mSv/h

Energy range
(30%, ref. Cs-137)

[H*(10)] 30 mSv/h: 40 keV 3 MeV

[H*(10)] > 30 mSv/h: 100 keV 3MeV

40 keV 3 MeV


Proportional counter, Type NPGD 02 with energy compensation

(produced by BITT Technology)


Type C8051F022 Silicon Labs, compatible with Intel 8051,

ARM9 CPU, 64MB RAM, 8MB Flash (RS04_WEB)

Temperature range

-30C +70C

Temperature dependence

less than 5%

Measuring uncertainty

[H*(10)] 1 Sv/h: 10%

[H*(10)] > 1 Sv/h: 15%


RS-232 or RS-485 or RS-422 or WEB



RS04_/232(485; 422)


Protokoll version[1]


http, ftp, ssh, telnet

Real time clock


Real time data


Data storage memory


Up to 4 GB on a SD / microSD card)

Additional software

Bittsens, Vcomtest, Bittwin, AMAR, Procomm, Terminalprogram, RS-Datalogger with Modem, BOREAS BCU

Bitt Scada, IP to COM port redirector, Bittsens SL (when using in direct dada mode), web browsers (IE, Firefox, Safari, etc.), FTP clients, SSH clients, TELNET clients

Power consumption[2]

0,7 - 1W

1,6 - 1,8W


76 mm x 500 mm (534 mm with rain sensor)


ca. 2,5 kg

Max. cable length between detector and evaluating unit



(with ext. power supply[3])


[1] BSN Bittsens protocol, it answers on all request, report is generated automatically.

BSS  Selectiv Bittsens protocol, it answers only on the request from the addressed

and 999 addresses, none report is generated automatically.

[2] Power consumption on working point (higher on startup).

[3] Max. 100m when using the same cable also for power supply.